Contract Research Collaboration

BenchBio, a science driven company, places significant emphasis on science based discoveries. Open to research collaboration with both private and public laboratories in India and worldwide, BenchBio’s objective through close R & D collaboration with its clients, is to seek grants wherever possible, to generate publications, patents and commercial products. BenchBio has a pragmatic and realistic approach to intellectual property ownership.
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Case Study

BenchBio has strong links with top European plant research teams. The founder has an adjunct faculty position at National University of Galway (NUIG), Ireland and has ongoing collaboration with Prof. Charles Spillane. BenchBio also has ongoing collaboration with Dr Abdelhafid BENDAHMANE, Director of Crop Research at URGV, Evry, France
(now IPS-2) who is also scientific advisor to the company. Other advisors include Prof. Cathie MARTIN from the John Innes Centre, UK. A number of joint publications have been generated in collaboration with NUIG and IPS-2 groups. Publications with JIC are in the pipeline. Recent work includes TILLING in sunflower, cucumber, flax, grasspea and a review article on TILLING by sequencing (1,2,3,4). BenchBio now offers a non-GM strategy against pathogen infection and other useful traits in crops in addition to creating phenotype databases in various crop species.



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